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Ty Kirkland - Vocals/Guitar


Ty Kirkland, originally from Dothan, Alabama, is a Recording Artist, Music Producer/Engineer, singer-songwriter, Vocalist, and Multi-Instrumentalist. Ty has spent many years in original Alternative, Hard Rock, Pop and Christian rock bands, beginning at the age of fifteen. 


Working with music industry professionals and producers throughout his time in music, Ty has shared the stage with some of the best in the music industry during his time as a front man.  Working with his contacts from the former label Superkala Records, as well as Ronnie Gilley Management (RGM), he was able to collaborate and learn the art of showmanship.

Currently Ty is rocking the stage with his mates in Desoto Tiger as his main musical focus and prefers PRS/Fender Guitars with Mesa Boogie Amplification.

Brian White - Drums/Percussion

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Courtney Gerhardt - Bass/ Keyboards


Courtney Gerhardt, originally from Levittown, Long Island, New York, is a classically trained musician who plays bass, keyboards, guitar, and trumpet.

She was a member of the famous Riverview Kiltie band and in high school, she joined the band The Forsworn as their bassist and gigged all around the Sarasota-Manatee area.  Later after Forsworn, she joined the band Flatwasher, which put out 2 albums with Ed the Red from Bottom Line Records.

After solo projects and performing with the bands Tavern of Souls, Harvest Hour ,and  Toilet Spice, Courtney took a break from music to come back to Return to Saturn.. (The No Doubt Cover band in South Florida). After leaving Return to Saturn, Courtney has joined Desoto Tiger as their full time bassist.

Courtney prefers Electro-Harmonix pedals, Ibanez and Jackson bass guitars. As well  plays a mean game of Texas Hold em. 

Theodore (Theo) DiSanto - Guitar


Theodore DiSanto, better known as Theo, is a 29-year-old artist and self-taught guitarist whose lifelong passion for music has driven him to create captivating melodies that resonate deep within the hearts of his audience. With a nomadic upbringing due to his family's military background, Theo's journey through various corners of the country has left an indelible mark on his music, infusing it with a blend of diverse influences from Ohio, Virginia, and the vibrant music scene of San Diego, California.


At the tender age of 10, Theo discovered his profound love for the guitar, drawn by the magnetic allure of rock and metal music. For close to two decades, Theo has honed his craft with dedication and a relentless pursuit of perfection. As the driving force behind bands like Aim To Kill and Axe Bitch, he gained valuable experience and honed his skills, leading him to the electrifying ensemble known as Desoto Tiger. 

Theo's musical influences are as wide-ranging as they are potent, drawing inspiration from the pioneers of metal like Metallica and Jimi Hendrix, to the modern juggernauts of the genre such as Lamb Of God, Killswitch Engage, and Slipknot. As the driving force behind Desoto Tiger, Theo's soulful leads, along with his Ibanez Guitars and electrifying performances, are destined to leave an indelible mark on the world of rock and metal music. 

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